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What is Servislet?

Servislet is a marketplace where vehicle owners and vehicle service providers come together. Vehicle owners can use the platform to find any and all car repair needs; maintenance, body paint, replace parts, diagnosis and emergency service in a transparent, high quality manner and at a reasonable price via Servislet.


Being a member of Servislet is and always will be %100 free.

Ease of

Servislet web and mobile applications are very easy to use.

High Quality Service

Get high quality, non-stop and trustworthy service through Servislet.

Extensive Service Network

Access to service shop network to choose your servive shop.

How does Servislet work?


Request Service

Quickly and easily become a member of Servislet and choose the service you need from maintenance, body paint, parts replacement, diagnosis and emergency service and create your service request.


Compare Quotes

Compare quotes from different Servislet member car shops for price, time and service options and choose the one that suits you best.


Book your appointment

Select service times that work for you and send it to the service provider for confirmation.


Take your car to service

Take your vehicle in for service station at the time of the appointment and evaluate your service experience.

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